Things I’ve designed + built

The Park at Wrigley


The Park at Wrigley is a new town square with restaurants, shopping, and seasonal activities for all ages. Visit the site

The problem

How do you market a space still under construction?

The solution

Truth Labs created custom illustrations and 3D models, animated to bring them to life. I helped architect a fast, responsive site integrated with a simple CMS using Contentful.

Fig. 1: Browsing upcoming events

Clarity Connect

ux . ui . front-end

Clarity Connect provides call routing and analytics for high-volume call centers around the global.

The problem

Many clients live inside Salesforce, and that’s where they want to handle customer calls, not in a stand-alone app.

The solution

I helped design and prototype a solution from the ground up, bringing much of their product’s functionality into the Salesforce environment.

Fig. 1: Early-stage wireframe

Wrigley Rooftops

back-end . front-end

Wrigley Rooftops is the premier rooftop provider for Cubs games and events at Wrigley Field. Visit the site

The problem

It’s not easy to manage 11 buildings with independent marketing and booking sites, so Wrigley Rooftops came to Truth Labs for help bringing their properties under one domain.

The solution

Truth Labs designed the marketing, ticket search, and sales pages. I helped build their secure payment flow using Stripe, a simple CMS using their existing Salesforce setup, and enhanced the experience with custom animation.

Fig. 1: Browsing the rooftops


ux . ui . front-end

Nineteen is a tool for visually exploring qualitative data. Visit prototype

The problem

Popular graphing tools are built to explore quantitative, not qualitative, datasets. Nineteen came to Truth Labs looking for help designing and building their tool.

The solution

I helped design and prototype a tool that allows visual exploration of datasets, regardless of size or structure.

Fig. 1: Prototype showing key interactions


ux . ui . back-end . front-end

Reliefwatch makes supply chain software for health organizations in the developing world.

The problem

Current supply chain solutions require infrastructure that doesn’t yet exist in remote areas, like reliable internet access. Yet most people have access to basic mobile phones.

The solution

Reliefwatch uses automated voice calls to gather data from remote clinics and share it with healthcare providers.

Fig. 1: Mobile survey & inventory tracking